Thursday, May 29, 2008

About Ashley Playboy photos.

Ashley can pose all she wants to. Playboy is an established magazine. I don't even look at the pictures, and only read the excellent articles later collected in book form. She's had a tough year with an ovarian problem where the surgeon removed half her ovaries. She just returned from this to play Serena in the first round and acquitted herself very well with lots of great shots. Hardly anyone is strong enough to fight off Serena. Ashley is playing better than she has before her injuries. The Playboy thing is a nonissue. Sports figures are not role models, and parents shouldn't be teaching kids that they are. The competitive drive in sports can be ugly at times and not what kids should be emulating.
Sports figures can be really great at times but they are few and far between. Even Agassi had an "ego/brat" image early in his career and changed his whole image through his charitable giving and his own maturing over the long years of a great tennis career.
fredlander: usually I agree with your opinions about tennis but on this one I think your own lack of perspective is showing too much. No one is saying it is OK or not OK to pose in a porn magazine. Throw that out the window since the issue comes out in August. People choose to do so and it isn't a crime. Your moral judgment may be right for you but not the next person, and we're all the same, all seeking one thing: a quality day, a good lifetime.